nyc recommendations

img_9871I was asked recently on Instagram for my NYC recommendations. They aren’t what you’d expect:

Hey jimkempster! Are you based in the NYC?? 🙂 I’m heading there to make Facebook videos and was wondering if you have any recommendations?! Thanks!

@whatsup.tony Recommendations?

Explore every minute you’re here. Eat whatever smells good. Attend anything hosted by artists or groups of artists.

Come up with the most idiosyncratic list of unique, bizarre, exotic, uncharted, beloved things you’re interested in and then Google them with “NYC” attached, and you’ll have 100 days worth of things to do.

It’s all here. It’s easy to get anywhere here. Don’t get lost in the tourist traps, the club scene, or hookup apps if you’re really looking to find what NYC has for you personally.

Oh, and put your phone away as much as possible. Make eye contact with the City. Talk to strangers (about them, not about yourself). Don’t take Uber or Lyft. Use the subway as often as possible (or if you must, take a taxi) if you really want to understand this City.

Image: View uptown from the Bowery, circa 1999.

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