monday —for marcello

MarcelloAfter long weekend under
cover of cloud and comforter,
drowsily catching up on
scrolled notes
and missed time
with my dog
at my hip,
I left a home
still shrouded in slumber,
save for the lonesome love
who curled
wagging silently at my feet,
worried head
lowered to my shoe,
begging, why?
Why won’t you stay
one more day?



I woke completely confused, an hour before the alarm this morning. Although I’m already a week into my new job, I startled from my sleep unsure of what day my new employers were expecting me to start working.

This came after two busy days in Rhode Island helping Bob get the house closer to ready for sale, bookended by two three-and-a-half-hour train rides (which explain why we didn’t visit New York as often as we had intended when we moved to Providence), plus the added hour subways between Penn Station and Bed-Sty.

I was discombobulated much of the weekend in Providence. As I was falling asleep on Saturday night, back in my own bed with Bob and our dog Marcello by my side, I had been scrolling through Manhattan apartment listings on my phone. For a few seconds I wondered if I could make an open house or two before I met my train the next day. I had to remind myself that I was in Providence currently, and wouldn’t be back in New York until after my train.

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